in the middle of nature

Say your “I do” in a natural landscape. It is the perfect atmosphere for a magic wedding.

If your wedding is during the day, a natural and calm environment within delicate flowers is the ideal scene to have a unique and special ceremony.

The possibilities are endless: from a beautiful setting in the middle of the mountains, through the tranquility of the forest to a marvelous botanical garden.

You can also give more meaning to your wedding introducing rituals such as the light ceremony or the plantation ceremony.

in the calmness of the sea

The maritime environment is the ideal scene for the great sea lovers.

A ceremony in front of the sea will make you experience a wedding in a calm, romantic and inspirational setting.

Either in a small and peaceful cove or in a long and wide beach, your ceremony will have unique and incredible views in a natural and revitalizing atmosphere.

Some couples also choose to add a symbolic touch to their wedding through the celebration of the ceremony of the sand.

like a fairytale

If you are looking for an elegant, majestic and historical venue for your wedding, your best option is a gorgeous castle or a palace.

Celebrating your wedding in a castle or a palace will make from this moment a truly wedding taken from a fairytale.

The castles and palaces are clearly elegant venues, where decoration can be adapted to many possible styles in order to do different wedding ceremonies, such as medieval or modern.