With the food you also say a lot...

The banquet of your wedding shows your style, your personality and your taste. Choose the banquet that best fits your wedding and best represents you in such a special day!
have a look at our menu options:


If you look for a banquet for a wedding at night, elegant, classic and with lots of guests, the traditional banquet is the best option. The elegance and comfort of the tables is perfect for a celebration in which you want to offer time for conversation within the guests.

this type of banquet enables the organisation of the guests considering relationship, similarity and feeling within them.


Ideal for day weddings, outdoors or with a relaxed air.

The food is served in bars, letting the guests serve themselves what they want. Tables are distributed as well to let the guests take a seat and share the banquet with spontaneous groups.

with this option you give liberty to your guests to choose what they want to eat and where they want to seat.

Finger food

 “Food eaten with your fingers”:

Highly elaborated plates are served in small portions so that they can be easily eaten and savoured at the moment. This option is chic, informal, gourmet and practical at the same time.

this type of banquet is a good option to produce sensations through the senses. it lets you offer a gastronomic experience to your guests.


Informal or alternative but with style.

This banquet is made of a tasting of designed, themed and exotic sandwiches or canapés that combine flavour, smell and different textures.

You can also enrich the experience with a show cooking.

the practicality and the spontaneity among the elegance are the main characteristics of this banquet.


Offer a modern, original and avant-garde banquet.

This banquet is made of food and beverage of quality served in trucks and caravans.

make that your guests enjoy the spontaneity and the informal. this can be an ideal option for a vintage wedding.

Themed corners

Do you have passion for a specific theme? Have you been united because of a film, a music group, a trip, a culture…? This is your opportunity to create your own style of banquet.

You can explain your story through senses playing with the textures, the colours and your fantasy.

This type of banquet emphasises each plate and gives meaning to your wedding.


Are you thinking of surprising your guests with original and healthy vegetarian recipes?

With a vegetarian menu you can enjoy the versatility of fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes with inspirational recipes.

your guests will be able to enjoy a rich, close and vegetal gastronomy.


If your option is the vegan gastronomy and you want to transmit it and enjoy it with your guests, this is your banquet.

A vegan wedding menu will enable you to show the wealth of the natural products strictly elaborated for this occasion.

this banquet will emphasise your passion for vegan food and will let you transmit it to your guests.